They say that from small acorns grow mighty oaks. So is the story of Querciabella.


Giuseppe (Pepito) Castiglioni – an industrial entrepreneur and lifelong wine lover – bought a single hectare of vineyard on a Tuscan hillside and set about creating an estate that would soon span the breadth of the region. He dreamed of producing elegant, rich wines, made not only from native Sangiovese grapes, but also from those of his beloved Bordeaux and Burgundy… Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc, to name a few.

1980s and 1990s

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni – Pepito’s son and an investor and entrepreneur in his own right – converted the estate to organic viticulture in 1988, making Querciabella one of the first wineries in Italy to employ this practice. Under his leadership, Querciabella became known as one of Italy’s best and most innovative wine producers by the turn of the 20th century.


Sebastiano’s passion for animal rights and the preservation of the environment took organics at Querciabella one step further. In the year 2000, Sebastiano introduced biodynamics, and in 2010, he made another pivotal move by converting all operations to plant-based, embracing a vegan ethos that resonated deeply with our core values of ethical integrity and uncompromising quality.


Today, that single hectare in Tuscany is just a small part of the more than 90 hectares of the Querciabella vineyards. And throughout these vibrant vineyards – flanked in the Chianti Classico region by oak forests and rolling hills, and in Maremma by the rough beauty of an unspoilt Tuscan coastline – all of the grape varieties Pepito dreamed of now thrive in the rich, biodynamic soil that has become the single most important ingredient in Querciabella’s award-winning recipes.


Querciabella’s commitment to creating extraordinary wines, without causing harm or disrupting the delicate balance of nature, will not waiver. It is this commitment that makes our wines as lively and beautiful as our land, and it is how we will continue to innovate and to inspire for decades to come. Our wines have been called “Burgundian in spirit” and we don’t disagree. But the real secret is in the soil… the very same from which grow the mightiest of oaks.

The name Querciabella means “beautiful oak”. We’re proud to have grown alongside these wonderful trees.