Querciabella Super Tuscans Reviewed by Falstaff Magazin

Falstaff Magazin is an established authority on food, wine and travel for German-speaking countries. Querciabella Super Tuscans come out on top in the publication’s latest tasting report.

Since its first publication in Austria in 1980, Falstaff Magazin has successfully widened its scope and reached a more international audience. Its pages are now filled with editorial, news and reviews from every corner of the wine world.

The magazine’s latest tasting report focuses on the origins and evolution of Super Tuscans. These now legendary wines – of which Camartina is a fine and early example – were once labelled as simple table wines to protest against the antiquated Chianti Classico production rules that at the time seemed to favour quantity over quality. Querciabella was one of a handful of visionary winemakers eager to show that great, long-lived red wines could also be produced in this corner of Tuscany.

The rise of Super Tuscans

So unstoppable was the rise of Super Tuscans, that the Consorzio Chianti Classico reviewed its own production rules twice to try to win back the pack of successful dissidents. Firstly, by elevating these ‘Vini da Tavola’ to the status of appellation wines, under the denomination Toscana IGT; then by allowing Chianti Classico DOCG wines to be made from Sangiovese alone. Many see the introduction of the “Chianti Classico Gran Selezione” category in 2013 as a further attempt made in this direction.

The response from the producers couldn’t be more diverse, with some of the original forefathers giving in to be reunited under the Chianti Classico umbrella and others determinedly going their own way. Whatever stance one takes here, it’s undeniable that Super Tuscans are still widely considered the best expressions of this territory. Falstaff’s comprehensive tasting report celebrates the supremacy of this category and reviews the highly anticipated new releases.


Camartina 2016 · 97/100
Glänzendes, dichtes Rubin. Eröffnet in der Nase mit feinen würzigen Noten, Zimtblüte und Gewürznelke, dahinter Cassis und Zwetschke. Stoffig und kraftvoll im Ansatz, öffnet sich mit vielen Schichten an präsentem Tannin, viel saftige Beerenfrucht.

Palafreno 2016 · 94/100
Glänzendes, sattes Rubin. Sehr gut herausgearbeitete Frucht in der Nase, satt nach Brom- und Waldhimbeere. Am Gaumen dichtes Tannin, frische Frucht, im Finale dann leider noch etwas rau.

Querciabella Riserva 2017 · 94/100
Sattes, funkelndes Rubin. Duftige, ansprechende Nase mit reifer Kirsche, etwas Gojibeere, dahinter feine Minze. Saftig und klar in Ansatz und Verlauf, griffiges, dichtes Tannin, zeigt feinen Schmelz, langer Nachhall.

These outstanding results are not unusual for Querciabella. Falstaff Magazin has consistently reviewed our wines at the top of their respective categories. At the end of last year, Querciabella 2018 won the title of Best Chianti Classico DOCG, worth the coveted regional Trophy.

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