Jancis Robinson Tastes 21 Vintages of Batàr

Batàr than the rest: Jancis Robinson’s spectacular vertical tasting of Querciabella iconic white wine.

Jancis Robinson OBE, MW, is arguably the world’s most influential wine writer and critic. We had the honour and the privilege to host Ms Robinson at 67 Pall Mall in London for a once in a lifetime tasting of 21 vintages of Batàr. The beauty of this unique Tuscan white wine has for sure made an impression, worth the comparison with a full-bodied Corton-Charlemagne, a particularly ambitious grand cru white burgundy.

“Batàr is a wine unique among Italian whites, let alone Tuscan whites. It manages to be both rich and fresh and seems capable of evolving virtually forever.” —Jancis Robinson

The follow-up article is available on JancisRobinson.com as well as the Financial Times.


Batàr 2018 · 17
“Restrained nose with some sweetness but not obvious alcohol – so not like California Chardonnay! Almondy – a bit like Corton-Charlemagne. Not as savoury as Bâtard-Montrachet! Though it does have weight.” —JR

Batàr 2017  · 17
“Really quite rich and very pure. Attractive savoury quality – still a little chewiness on the end.” —JR

Batàr 2016  · 16.5
“Really fully evolved aromatically. Not the most appetising for me though it’s certainly dramatic.” —JR

Batàr 2015  · 17
“With lots of heft and evolution and with quite an undertow. A little sweet on the end. Muscular.” —JR

Batàr 2014  · 16.5
“A tiny bit crisper than some but still a fine wine.” —JR

Batàr 2013  · 17.5
“First time the blend included Pinot Gouges, which brought texture.” —JR

Batàr 2012  · 17.5
“Fully mature nose with real evolution – obviously from a hot vintage. Rich and satisfying.” —JR

Batàr 2011  · 18
“Good chew and excitement. This is in the prime of life!” —JR

Batàr 2010  · 17
“Good acidity. Round and fully blossomed.” —JR

Batàr 2009  · 17
“Very pleasing and with definite tertiary character.” —JR

Batàr 2008  · 17.5
“Really zesty and with a light toasty oak note but the fruit is still its own boss.” —JR

Batàr 2006  · 17.5
“Really appealing. Christmas white wine.” —JR

Batàr 2005  · 17.5
“Glowing with a floral element on the nose and really vivacious and round-textured.” —JR

Batàr 2004  · 16.5
“Fully evolved. Big and bold.” —JR

Batàr 2003  · 16.5
“Not much aroma but dramatic richness and some malty character. Still has spicy grip on the end.” —JR

Batàr 2002  · 17
“Lots of fun. I could imagine this with spicy food.” —JR

Batàr 2001  · 18
“Smells of molten lava! Rich yet enlivened by green fruit. Wonderful richness. Gorgeous roundness and yet depth. Very long.” —JR

Batàr 2000  · 17.5
“Nicely broad, even sweet, on the palate.” —JR

Batàr 1998  · 17
“Still very lively. Edginess keeps it appetising.” —JR

Batàr 1996  · 16.5
“Racy and lively and definitely not like a 100% Chardonnay.” —JR

Batàr 1995  · 17
“(…) Smells like an old house somehow. Round and mellow texture on the palate with real drive and freshness.” —JR


You can read the full tasting notes on the subscription pages of JancisRobinson.com.