Why a Tuscan winery is looking to Burgundy for inspiration

Export director Giorgio Fragiacomo says Querciabella is now looking towards Burgundy for inspiration. He believes that Sangiovese, Tuscany’s indigenous grape variety, shares a special affinity with pinot noir. Both grapes produce light-coloured, high-acidity wines, with a fruit profile veering towards red fruits. Querciabella is now planting vineyards at a higher altitude to allow a more “Burgundian style” to shine through.

“The goal has been to maintain a balanced ecosystem where healthy, living soil provides the highest quality of nourishment to vines while achieving perfect harmony with the rest of nature.” — Giorgio Fragiacomo · Querciabella Global Sales Director

Querciabella employs biodynamics, utilising organic viticultural practices that follow the lunar cycle. In the cellar, no manipulation that compromises the natural chemical composition of wine takes place. No animal by-products are used and Querciabella is a vegan-friendly wine.
Sarah Wong · South China Morning Post

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