Godel reviews Querciabella at Chianti Classico Collection

Micheal Godel is a true ambassador of Chianti Classico and an advocate for sub-zoning.

If you are a wine lover and live in Canada, chances are you have heard of Michael Godel before. He is a Principal Critic at Wine Align and processes his thoughts about wine, travel, music and pop culture at Godello.ca.
Since May of 2016, he has made nine visits to Chianti Classico and tasted more than 1,700 different wines. His compelling writing and on-point reviews earned him in 2017 the official nomination as Ambassador of Chianti Classico.

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Querciabella Chianti Classico DOCG 2017
The Querciabella warmth and relative hedonism is on display in 2017 but knowing what a year or two can effect on this sangiovese is so essential to looking at them in their youth. This 2017 will turn into one of the finest of the territory for two most important reasons. A collection of grapes from more than one commune source and a stringent sorting process that pulls out then combines the best. The tannins are really fine here. Let it rest and look for the great relish between five and ten years on.


Querciabella Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2016
Querciabella is entrenched deep in its roots in that Riserva is a true extension of Classico, stylistically speaking. While there are moments of density and hedonism the grounded nature keeps it cool, calm and collected. The level of development is something that has begun but the low and slow process is born of a structural guarantee. Aging potential is really there.

Godel, or “Godello”, as he is known, truly believes that the only way to express the excellence of this territory, and of its king grape Sangiovese, is through “zonazione”. He’s definitely not alone in advocating for additional geographical mentions to be introduced in Chianti Classico.

We had the pleasure to welcome Micheal at Querciabella back in 2017, one of the stops of his insightful trip along the meandering river Greve and personally appreciate his ability to recollect territorial traits and review them in the context of the vintage.

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