Querciabella Vegan Winemaking on Wine Enthusiast

Manure Without Animals? Wine Enthusiast investigates the benefits of Vegan winemaking and cites Querciabella’s decision to adopt vegan practices as a success story to inspire others.

Jessica Scott-Reid is a freelance writer and animal advocate. In her latest article on Wine Enthusiast, she talks to Canadian Master Sommelier Jennifer Huether and an inspiring bunch of vintners including Querciabella about the rise and benefits of Vegan winemaking.

Interviewed about Querciabella’s adoption since 2010 of vegan practices from seed to bottle, US brand ambassador Sunny Gandara explains how it has brought balance not only in our vineyards but also in our wines.

Pioneers in vegan winemaking

It is hard to ignore that consumer interest in vegan wines is steadily on the rise. There is more awareness among the new generation of wine lovers, especially young people, who are very concerned about what they put in their bodies and how it affects the world.

As a result, a growing number of winemakers around the globe is now racing to certify their products as vegan-friendly, which means that no animal products—including fining agents containing milk powder, gelatin or fish swim bladder—were used in the winemaking process.

Instead of using animal-based manure, we implemented a strict cover-crop regime. That’s our way of getting nutrients and life back into the soil.
—Sunny Gandara
Querciabella US Brand Ambassador

At Querciabella, we argue that this is not enough and that vegan wines should be made from the ground up, starting with a cruelty-free approach to viticulture. Traditional, as well as organic grape growing, involve animal products typically introduced into the soil as fertilisers. The most classic example is manure, but blood, bones and other animal parts are also used in the biodynamic protocol.

Mindful winemaking improves the finished product

While the benefits of adopting vegan practices on the animals, land and environment are undeniable, mindful winemaking improves the finished product, too. The choice of eschewing animal products is instrumental to deliver a greater expression of fruit, much more vibrancy and tension to the wines.

Huether perfectly sums up what we at Querciabella have always believed in: “When you take the time, have the patience, put your attention into quality, you end up with a better product.”

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