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Wherever you stand on the journey to veganism, these thought-provoking books will make you ponder your life choices, answer questions and help manage most aspects of a plant-based lifestyle.

Becoming Vegan · By Brenda Davis

The only textbook you’ll ever need if you want your questions answered about a plant-based diet, including exhaustive information on nutritional needs in every stage of life, from infancy to old age. It is a fantastic reference guide rooted in science and suitable for everyone, health professionals and avid health enthusiasts alike.


The China Study · By Dr Colin Campbell

Up to today, this is the most significant and comprehensive study on nutrition ever undertaken, a must-read for everyone, not just medical students. With data spanning over 20 years, the book examines the link between the consumption of animal products and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.
Spoiler alert: People who eat plant-based are way healthier!


The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions · By Celine Steen

Ever wonder what to use instead of animal-based products when cooking plant-based? Simply look up the ingredient you want to sub out, and find the best option to veganize your favourite classic recipe without compromising taste and flavour.


Eating Animals · By Jonathan Safran Foer

In between a memoir and rigorous science, Eating Animals doesn’t tell you what to think or how to feel about eating animals but instead gives you the tools to help you figure it out for yourself. Ethical, political, economic, environmental, cultural, health, and philosophical considerations around eating factory-farmed meat all weight in this accurate representation of what the process of reconsidering eating meat looks like.


È facile diventare un po’ più vegano · By Dr Silvia Goggi

Do you want to change the world? And become healthier and happier? Just become a little more vegan. In her latest book, Doctor Silvia Goggi debunks most clichés about vegan nutrition with scientific rigour and great simplicity of language. The perfect gift for all the Italian-speaking vegan sceptics!


The Food Revolution · By John Robbins

Everyone should read this book about how our food choices affect the world. Born into the famous Baskin-Robbins ice cream family, John Robbins decided to leave the family business behind and set out on his own journey, including growing his own food. The Food Revolution explains how a plant-based diet can help prevent diseases, raises awareness of how food ends up on our plate and voices environmental concerns about today’s food production methods.


Isa Does It · By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Get this book immediately if you’re looking for fresh ideas to please meat-eaters and vegans alike. Long-time vegan Isa Chandra shows you how to make flavorful meals from scratch in 30 minutes or less. No strange ingredients or complicated cooking techniques, just fuss-free and mouthwatering recipes from Bistro Beet Burgers and Sweet Potato Gnocchi to Tamale Shepherd’s Pie and Red Lentil Chili.


Main Street Vegan · By Victoria Moran

From getting enough protein to keeping costs down, from eating out at restaurants to raising children and other relationship considerations, author Moran tackles the most common questions new and potential vegans face. Packed with useful information, this book helps you find the answers that work best for you, rather than offering a one-way-fits-all solution.


The Plant Powered Diet · By Sharon Palmer

Plant-based eating has been linked to abundant health benefits. In this book, nutrition expert Sharon Palmer RD, MS, details the dramatic changes you can experience adopting a vegan diet. Includes a realistic 14-day plan to turn your life over and 75 recipes for every meal, complete with nutritional data.


Starch Solution · By Dr McDougall

How many times have you heard that carbs are bad for you? But are they really? The Starch Solution is based on a simple swap: by fueling your body primarily with carbohydrates rather than proteins and fats, you’ll feel satisfied, healthier and better than ever. And you will help to save the planet, too. It comes with a helpful weekly meal planner and 100 easy recipes you’ll instantly love.


Vegan for Life · By Jack Norris

There are so many myths about the vegan diet. Registered dietitians Jack Norris and Virginia Messina are on a mission to debunk even the most persistent ones. The easy-to-use food chart, tasty substitutions, sample menus, and comprehensive resource guide will facilitate your transition to an optimal, healthy plant-based diet.


Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows · By Dr Melanie Joy

The question everyone wants to ask! Dr Joy coined the term ‘carnism’, which is the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals, act against their core values of compassion and justice, and disconnect from their natural empathy. A thought-provoking, life-changing book that questions your thinking and everything you have been taught since childhood.


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