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While it’s never been easier to embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle, especially newbies need more than just goodwill. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

It’s undeniable that more people are making an educated, conscious choice to swear off meat and dairy altogether. It also proves that going vegan is no longer just about what we eat – it’s about how we live our lives.

There are endless sources you can consult when researching vegan recipes, scouting for plant-based ingredients, finding out where to get your groceries, and where to eat out. But there’s more to inspire you in keeping up with this changing world, and in this directory, you will find some trusted sources we wish to recommend.

This list is a work in progress. We will regularly update it with new entries: some will widen your perspective, challenge and change the way you think about animals or consumption. Others will provide practical information about incorporating veganism into your everyday routine.





Vegan books can really change our lives, inspiring not just our cooking but how we view the world. Leave no page unturned in your search for answers about nutrition, health, ethics and the impact of animal exploitation. 

All Vegan Books


From flavourful titles bursting with tasty recipes to those packed with practical everyday tips and tricks, the books we like are handy all-rounders to have on your kitchen shelves.




Food Companies


















Wine Pairings

Finding great food and wine pairings is one of life truly joyful moments, even more so in a plant-based diet. As a leading producer of fine vegan wines from the ground up, we are happy to share tips and recipes to make your plant-based parings work for you.


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