In the Wine Cabinet of Dr Callegari

Forget about the horror of Dr Callegari in the German silent movie. Instead, get to know Danielle Callegari, the volcanic wine critic and connoisseur with a Ph.D. in Italian Studies. Her Cabinet is a symbolic place to enjoy food and wine while learning about their relationship to culture, economics, history, politics, and more.


Whether she teaches at Dartmouth College, co-hosts her podcast Gola, or writes reviews for Wine Enthusiast, Danielle’s wine, food, and Italy knowledge is unparalleled. Her lively personality makes her one of the most intelligent and charming voices in the wine world.


We are thrilled to share her beautifully written and spot-on reviews of our wines.


Camartina 2019 · 96/100
“The nose starts off spicy and meaty, full of cracked pepper and gunpowder, before turning herbal, with notes of coriander seed, fennel and cherry. The cherry shines on the palate, above earthy and bitter undertones, and the fennel returns for the finish. Firm but lithe tannins and confident acidity are present, making for an accomplished dancer.” —DC


Gran Selezione 2018 · 94/100
“The nose is like a summer evening breeze carrying aromas of wild strawberry, raspberry and rose petals, while undertones of rhubarb, mint and earth waft up from the garden. The fruit and flowers blossom on the round, full palate, which is opulent but welcoming, with an elegant, warm, salty finish.” —DC


Riserva 2019 · 93/100
“Inviting aromas of cherry-vanilla cola mingle with brick dust and a stony herbaceousness, like plants growing through the asphalt. The palate continues to blend sweet with earthy around chalky, muscular tannins, while spicy acidity persists through a luxurious finish.” —DC


Querciabella 2020 · 92/100
“A delightfully tart nose is full of Rainier cherries and dried cranberries, with undertones of minerality and herbaceousness. The palate runs with the cherries and adds oranges to the mix, with a latent heat and a thrilling amount of acidity, elevating a minty freshness through the finish.” —DC


Turpino 2019 · 94/100
“The remarkably layered nose, with the cherries and strawberries of summer flowing into September’s new pencils and notebooks, then evolving into the grassy, herbal, slightly floral smell of soil on the last warm day of autumn. The palate is full of cherries before finishing with bitter orange peel and dark chocolate.”  —DC


Mongrana Bianco 2022 · 92/100
“The nose is full of peaches and ripe cantaloupe, giving way to sweet almond flowers that emphasize the sweetness. Tea leaves come through on the palate, balanced against more lemons and then a bittersweet almond finish. This is somehow delicate and substantial at the same time.”  —DC


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