Forbes praises Batàr and its vegan background

Forbes celebrates Batàr as the ultimate ‘White Super Tuscan’ and entices readers to Querciabella unique vegan winemaking.

In a beguiling article in the lifestyle column of Forbes, Catherin Todd sings the praises of Batàr, the original white Super Tuscan that perfectly embodies Querciabella quest for excellence through unique vegan winemaking.

“Querciabella already has a fascinating story, especially considering its unique role in the ‘Super Tuscan’ movement that is highlighted by their Batàr wine, but there is a surprising aspect of one of their philosophies that make them that much more compelling.”

According to Todd, Batàr has succeeded in what many thought was impossible: becoming as iconic and just as prized as the top red wines of the region. Querciabella’s iconic white ‘Super Tuscan’ was certainly ahead of its time when its first vintage was launched back in 1988 and has opened the way for other Tuscan fine white wines. Although the inspiration behind the genesis of Batàr is clearly Burgundian, it has advanced through the years thanks to the evolution of vegan biodynamics. The path that has lead Querciabella to develop this unique practice – Todd brilliantly points out – was motivated by strong ethical choices but essentially focuses on expressing a precise sense of place in Tuscany, such as the marly schist, slate soils of Querciabella Chianti Classico vineyards.

Catherine Todd is an accomplished wine professional who writes about wine as well as the passion-fueled people who make it and the fascinating cultures and places behind it. She is the founder and sole contributor of the wine blog Dame Wine which has been nominated for various awards including the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards.

Forbes is a US business magazine that features original articles on finance, leadership, investing, and marketing topics. It’s not the first time Querciabella appears in the online version of the publication: food and wine contributor Tom Hyland already featured Querciabella twice last year illustrating how fine-tuning biodynamics in Chianti Classico leads to make truly special wines.

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