The Joy of Conviviality Recipes

The Joy of Conviviality

At Querciabella, we believe there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing people together around a table, sharing good food and wine in a warm and lively setting.

To recreate those genuine moments of conviviality, we teamed up with Bontasana, the revolutionary gluten-free pasta created by food designer Monia Caramma and Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, owner of Querciabella. Together we launched “The Joy of Conviviality”, a culinary project that celebrates the food, the people eating it, and those who grew, harvested and cooked it.

Ten talented chefs from Italy and from all over the world took part in the project: they tasted our Mongrana 2019 and created a unique, plant-based pairing with one of Bontasana’s pasta shapes.

We are delighted to share with you all the recipes inspired by the happy match of Pasta and Wine. Buon Appetito!


Francesco Locatelli · Agriturismo Polisena, Pontida

Francesco Locatelli is the talented chef at Polisena L’altro Agriturismo, the eco-sustainable venue in the province of Bergamo, serving exclusively organic cuisine. His signature style is to meld tastes and sensations so he has created a textural dish that gratifies even the most discerning palate. Thanks to its simplicity, you can try this recipe at home: Bontasana’s Sorghum Mezze Maniche, Breme red onions, raspberries and almonds.

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Paolo Baratella · Linfa Restaurant, Milan


Emanuele Di Biase · VEGANOK Academy, Perugia


Luca Gubelli · CampZero Resort, Champoluc


Matteo Maenza · Lefay Resort, Gargnano


Tina Barrat · MA Restaurant, Hong Kong


Jim Masters · Stem and Glory Restaurant, London


Francesco Cury and Ugo Federico · Recines Restaurant, Bruxelles


Sebastian Sandor · Héritage Restaurant, Gent

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